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Coolant Unit FRASCARA PAPS 21/50

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  • Referans numarası Referans numarası 1070-900126
    Üretim Yılı Üretim Yılı 2023
    Çalışma Saati Çalışma Saati Uygulanabilir değil
  • Satıcı

    BTT Bosetti Tech Transfer
    Sch”nblick 2
    75228 Ispringen
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    Metal işleme makineleri
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    Diğer ekipman ve araçlar
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    Soğutma ekipmanları
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    liter capacity:21 l/min
    Pressure of coolant:50 bar
    rated current:20 A
    Clean water tank capacity:300 l
    total power requirement:16 kW
    weight of the machine ca.:200 Kg
    dimensions of the machine ca.:1,2 x 0,8 x 1,4 m

    We are importers for FRASCARA high pressure coolant systems
    Frascara delivers compact, mobile and reliable high pressure coolant / filtering systems with 50 or 70 bar 21 l/min.
    We can provide up to 3 pressure levels controlled by M-Functions.
    Oil operated systems are available also.

    Areas of application:
    Cleaning of coolant lubricants, emulsions and cutting oils without filter residues. Installation on machine tools for individual machines

    The lifting pump inside the machine tank with minimum 2bar / 20 l/min capacity presses the contaminated water through the twin filter unit into the clean water tank. of the Frascara unit, from where it is pumped back through the spindle by a 50 bar pump.
    When the filters are getting clogged, an alarm is triggered and the operator switches to the second filter bank. The first set of filters then can be cleaned while the system is in full operation. The filters are made of wire mesh and can be reused.
    The system is very quiet and extremely reliable!
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