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BERG & SCHMID Record 315350 S

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  • Referans numarası Referans numarası 1108-66804
    Çalışma Saati Çalışma Saati Uygulanabilir değil
  • Satıcı

    WMT GmbH & Co.KG
    Siemensstraße 1
    46342 Velen-Ramsdorf
    Showroom Logo
  • Ana Kategori

    Metal işleme makineleri
  • Kategori

    Testere, eğeleme ve ayırma makineleri
  • Makine tipi

    Dikey şerit testereler
  • İmalatçı

  • Teknik veriler

    saw blade diameter
    315/350 mm
    capacity 90 degrees: round
    125 mm
    capacity 90 degrees: square
    110 mm
    capacity 90 degrees: flat
    160x90 mm
    capacity 45 degrees: round
    105 mm
    capacity 45 degrees: square
    90 mm
    capacity 60 degrees: flat
    80x100 mm
    total power requirement
    1,8/2,5 kW
    weight of the machine ca.
    0,2 t
    dimensions of the machine ca.
    0,6 x 1,22 x 1,06 m
  • Tanım

    The large workshop saw with sophisticated technology. (20070)
    • For miter cuts on the right and left up to 45°, end stop at 90° and at
    45° left
    • For sawing steel, stainless steel and, to some extent, aluminum profiles
    • Vice with quick clamping lever, longitudinally movable clamping jaw,
    adjustable guide and double clamping arm for low-burr cuts
    • Cone safety clutch made of hardened steel to protect the saw blades.
    • Large base plate made of solid cast iron for maximum stability and
    low-vibration sawing
    • 2 speeds 30 + 60 min–1
    • Powerful special gearbox with elastic coupling for high demands
    • Automatic cooling directly onto the saw blade
    • Saw head with double bearings
    • 24 V safety switch in the handle with restart lock
    • Length stop, assembly tool

    ATTENTION: Price does not include saw blade!!!

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